Nenad Saljic’s Mountain Memento

   Blog Category: New Art

By Rebecca Horne


Nenad Saljic is a Croatian artist who discovered his twin passions for photography and mountaineering early, while still in primary school. Looking at his impressive prints, it will not surprise you to know that he was almost expelled from school for spending too much time in the darkroom.


Saljic uses long exposures that condense time, creating records of the movement of the wind, water and trees, where light and shadow meet in a tremendous, blissful moment. Saljic writes: “Being mountaineer and caver from a very early age brought me to some magnificent destinations where human footsteps have rarely or never been before. The feeling is amazing and hardly explicable by words. I want my images to convey exactly that kind of transcendent experiences, to take the viewer into my deepest emotional journeys. I¹d like you to feel like traveling Jules Verne’s voyages when looking at my pictures; to make the impossible possible.”


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Images © Nenad Saljic