David Reinfeld Takes Root

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David Reinfeld has studied with 20th century masters like Minor White and Aaron Siskind; artists who are famous for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. David was heavily influenced by these artists and has now created artwork that is masterful in it’s own right.


As you see below, David takes common views, in this case trees seen throughout the seasons, and transforms them into carefully composed pieces of artwork. The contrast of color and form is fantastic. Each branch and each leaf are like brush strokes. The longer we look, the more mesmerized we become.


Seeing images like this inspires us to find the art in the everyday. And when we struggle, we have David to return to for continual inspiration.


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Images © David Reinfeld

Kerry Mansfield’s Seashore Solace

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We all have our oasis from the hustle and bustle — our refuge from the outside world. Kerry Mansfield found hers high on the sea cliffs along the California coastline. For years Kerry returned to the same spot perched above the Pacific Ocean and relished in the surrounding solitude. In the process she began to capture intimate moments of others as they unwound in their own way. From this elevated vantage point, with skilled technique, Kerry melds individuals with their environment in an uncanny way. Human and natural elements combine to create singular expressions of tranquility.


Kerry writes: “We all seem drawn to a seashore, the crest of a tall hill, or even the sky, dangerously out of reach. When I find myself in these places, a sense of my own small place within the environment could easily elicit a sense of fear and unease, yet, inexplicably I find a peace not often found in the places over which I control.”


You can own these images as limited-edition museum quality prints. They come in three sizes: 13” x 16” (edition of 40), 20” x 26” (edition of 20) and 35” x 45” (edition of 10). If you love one, buy one. We expect these prints to go quick!

Eyes Wide Open

   Blog Category: New Art

By Rebecca Horne


First, illumination. The flicked match alights spot on the candle wick. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.

The spark that leaves the hand and arcs through space might be that of inspiration as it burns through the dark, seeking more heat. What looks effortless is the result of 19 separate exposures, one for each position of the match in its tumble.


Match Toss © Caleb Charland

For garage-inventor-photographer Caleb Charland, problem-solving in real time is significant, the film images are often the result multiple exposures. “I guess you could do it in Photoshop a lot quicker and easier but I enjoy the analog process” says Charland, “there is something to working within limits.”


Charland’s artist statement fittingly begins with a quote from Albert Einstein–a scientist who wrote that his own greatest gift was passionate curiosity: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”


Albert would approve. Charland’s eyes are wide open. Charland: “Given that many measurements are based on the proportions of the human body its clear we measure stuff to find our place amongst it all and to connect with it in some way. For me, wonder is a state of mind somewhere between knowledge and uncertainty.”


Match Toss is available for purchase as a museum quality limited-edition print. Visit our store for more information.

Jason DeMarte’s Fabricated Landscape

   Blog Category: New Art

Artist Jason DeMarte is fascinated by culture. He’s especially intrigued by consumer culture and the ways in which it’s products represent the natural world. He writes “This unnatural experience of the so-called “natural” world is reflected in the way we, as modern consumers, ingest products. What becomes clear is that the closer we come to mimicking the natural world, the further away we separate ourselves from it.”


DeMarte’s artwork is the result of careful compositing. He takes imaginary depictions of nature and combines them with commercial products or elements. The result is both powerful and pleasing. The viewer is invited to ponder the cultural themes that DeMarte raises while at the same time being able to simply enjoy a beautiful object of fine art.


Learn more about Jason DeMarte and purchase his limited-edition artwork in our shop.

Everything Must Go © Jason DeMarte

Nenad Saljic’s Mountain Memento

   Blog Category: New Art

By Rebecca Horne


Nenad Saljic is a Croatian artist who discovered his twin passions for photography and mountaineering early, while still in primary school. Looking at his impressive prints, it will not surprise you to know that he was almost expelled from school for spending too much time in the darkroom.


Saljic uses long exposures that condense time, creating records of the movement of the wind, water and trees, where light and shadow meet in a tremendous, blissful moment. Saljic writes: “Being mountaineer and caver from a very early age brought me to some magnificent destinations where human footsteps have rarely or never been before. The feeling is amazing and hardly explicable by words. I want my images to convey exactly that kind of transcendent experiences, to take the viewer into my deepest emotional journeys. I¹d like you to feel like traveling Jules Verne’s voyages when looking at my pictures; to make the impossible possible.”


These images are available as limited edition prints in our store where artist-signed pieces start as low as a hundred bucks!

Images © Nenad Saljic

High Tide With Alessandro Puccinelli

   Blog Category: New Art

By Rebecca Horne


Alessandro Puccinelli has salt water in his camera. And this is the way he likes it. Puccinelli is an Italian photographer who divides his time between Italy and Portugal. Puccinelli writes: “To some extent the sea is my guide through life; I think of the sea as an example and a source of knowledge. The presence of the ocean in my everyday life is a balancing factor that helps me reconnect.” Specifically, he is entranced by the moments when, “the sheer energy and immense power released by a stormy ocean encountering a solid obstacle like a rock.” These images were made at the Marina di Pisa, a short distance from where Puccinelli lives.


Your body is around 60 percent water — which is why you might respond on a cellular level to this spectacular display of moisture. There is a fantastical suggestion of an epic storm upending the horizon — I find myself looking for fish soaring in the sky. Where does the ocean end, and the sky begin? These heroic moments seem they could depict a battle between the gods of the sea and the heavens — perhaps Atlas grew tired at last of holding up the sky, hurled it at the sea, and Neptune rose to scold him.


These images are available as limited edition prints in our store where artist-signed pieces start as low as a hundred bucks!


Intersections series © Alessandro Puccinelli

Paul Nelson Spreads His Wings

   Blog Category: New Art

Paul Nelson found inspiration for his Wild Birds Flying series from an unlikely source. The works of John James Audubon, a famous 19th century artist who painted every North American bird known at the time, inspired Paul to create a modern-day portrayal of these graceful avian creatures.


Paul has done an exquisite job of taking Audubon’s original concept to new heights. He uses complex photographic techniques to freeze the birds in flight as they are netted for tracking purposes or released into the wild (no birds are harmed in the process). The result, as Paul explains: “…strikes a balance that is at once beautiful, intimate, and compelling. Birds frozen in flight — the arresting images so surreal that they seem worlds apart from the avian creatures common to any backyard.”


Paul’s images are available as limited edition prints in our store where artist-signed pieces start as low as a hundred bucks!

© Paul Nelson

The Beautiful Solitude of Michael Schlegel

   Blog Category: New Art

By Rebecca Horne


Michael Schlegel is happy to sleep alone on a beach, waiting for the perfect confluence of the elements. Describing the patient alchemy that leads to his time exposures, Schlegel explains: ‘These moments often occur at dawn or dusk, in misty weather, or even at night, because light situations without direct sunlight hold more potential…I want the waters to move. I want the clouds to move. And I enjoy being alone in nature. I think the atmosphere in my images is conveyed much better without people in them — the viewer can more easily imagine being in that quite landscape, too.” Indeed.


Michael Schlegel’s starkly refined images offer up the raw materials of life — geological time and weather — in graphic relief. The Black Forest, near Schlegel’s home in southern Germany provided initial inspiration. The next subject for his minimalist vision was Iceland’s southern coast with its volcanic and glacial otherworldliness.


Michael’s images are available as limited edition prints in our store.

Frozen Life XIV © Michael Schlegel


Seljalandsfoss IV © Michael Schlegel

Towards the Atlantic II © Michael Schlegel

Kim Høltermand’s Artistic Evidence

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Happy New Year Lux Archivers!


Kim Høltermand, our first artist of 2012, doesn’t have your typical curriculum vitae. It begins with his job description: Fingerprint Expert for the Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police. Now it’s common for artists to have day jobs, but this has got to be a first.


With this in mind, it makes sense that Kim is drawn to mysterious landscapes. He is attracted to the light in the early mornings when fog engulfs the Danish countryside — transforming familiar objects into intriguing characters. The lush, seductive images invite the viewer to undertake their own investigations.


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The Trees and Deserted City One © Kim Høltermand

The Daydreams of Steven Wohlwender

   Blog Category: New Art

We’re excited to introduce the very talented Steven Wohlwender to the Lux Archive team this week. Steven has a masterful way of turning common sights into uncommon images. His photographs have a delicate pastel palette that consistently lull us into a dream-like state.


For Steven, bringing dreams to reality is completely intentional.  He wants us to awaken to the charm of the world that surrounds us. It may sound “cliché” as Steven says, but he means it. He writes:


“Seek out the beauty, and don’t linger on the ugliness. Get out, at any time of the day, in any condition, because there’s a really good chance you’ll see something worth appreciating in life.”


Love Steven’s images? You can own them! Purchase his work in our shop where limited-edition museum-quality prints starts as low as $100.


Shore and Colors & Two Swimmers at Sunrise © Steven Wohlwender

Ross Honeysett’s Photographic Pedigree

   Blog Category: New Art

This week we welcome artist Ross Honeysett. Ross has had an illustrious career working with institutions like Vogue and the National Portrait Gallery that seek him out for his ability to create striking images characterized by bold beautiful aesthetics. His images are often simple and straightforward but creating them isn’t always as easy as it looks.

© Ross Honeysett


Dog, Ross’ pitch perfect portrait of a thoroughbred Weimaraner looking thoroughly comfortable, was a complex creation. Ross held a casting of over twenty canines just to find his winning match. He then went to enormous effort to combine multiple images together on a computer to create what appears to be such a natural pose. Sure, we’ve all seen that trick right?


With holiday shopping on everyone’s mind we would be remiss if we didn’t recommend Ross’ prints as a great gift idea. Dog, hanging over the family couch perhaps? Or you could get really cute and hang it over Fido’s favorite sitting spot. Plus don’t forget South Sea Trader. We see that fitting in perfectly in the guest bathroom or the den.


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Jet Set with Alex Telfer

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As winter approaches here in New York we can’t help but fantasize about escaping to warm exotic places. So today, with vacation on our mind, we introduce the work of UK artist Alex Telfer. Alex, is a highly decorated commercial and fine art photographer who has been honored by Communication Arts, Luerzer’s Archive, AOP, Paris PX3, IPA and many others. He frequently travels the globe shooting commissions and working on fine art projects.


Alex is constantly in motion but his vision is always steady. From the silky waters surrounding an island in Scotland to a bright beach scene in Spain, Alex brings the same artful eye to each landscape he encounters. His images are beautifully constructed and easy to appreciate. They leave us feeling relaxed and restful. It’s not quite a vacation but we’re happy to have had the trip.


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© Alex Telfer

Sky High with David Ryle

   Blog Category: New Art

Today we’re excited to welcome artist David Ryle to the Lux Archive roster. David is an award-winning London based photographer who’s created a beautiful series of aerial photographs titled Desert Studies. David, fascinated by the “idea of nothingness,” flew a small plane throughout the desolate Mojave Desert in search of scenery that fulfilled his vision. The result is wonderful minimalist images that elevate forgettable landscapes into works of art. David writes:


“With roads dissecting through near barren spaces, the stripped down colour palette aims to show the harshness of the place, but also attempts to reveal a beauty through shape and form.”


What do you think of David’s images? Let us know! Join the conversation on our Facebook page and on Twitter @LuxArchive


Desert Studies © David Ryle

Mark Mawson’s Underwater World

   Blog Category: New Art

To start your weekend off on an artistic path we’re introducing you to the beautiful work of Lux Archive’s newest artist Mark Mawson. Reminiscent of the exotic creatures of our oceans’ depths, Mark creates imaginative images of colored inks blending with underwater landscapes. The result is ethereal abstract forms, each a unique vision, never to be repeated the same way again.


Mark has been working on his Aqueous series since 2005. The work is in many private collections around the globe and has won several awards and press. In 2009, he was a finalist in the Sovereign Asian Art Awards. In 2010, he was awarded a Gold and Platinum Award in the Dabomba Creative Awards and a Silver in the 2010 International Aperture Awards.


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© Mark Mawson

The Calm of Guy Sargent

   Blog Category: New Art

Today we introduce London artist Guy Sargent. From long exposures of city skylines to meditative moments on the beach, Guy takes the chaos of our world and reduces it to beautiful tranquil images. His camera transforms moments in time into timeless moments. Guy writes:


“I feel like a witness to a moment in time when nothing happened, like time standing still, only, you can see the movement – time never stops, it just feels that way sometimes.”


Guy has had two exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and has been recognized by AOP, Ag International Journal and The Independent On Sunday.
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© Guy Sargent

Michael Hall’s Mission

   Blog Category: New Art

Happy Friday everyone! Today we’re introducing artist Michael Hall. Michael has been creating award-winning imagery for over twenty years. However, following a near fatal cycling accident in 2007, he completely reevaluated his work and decided to devote himself to creating art to promote ecological awareness.


Since that life-changing event he has produced a beautiful body of artwork that has received gallery exposure throughout Europe, Australia and the United States and has been endorsed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.


Michael is a Hassselblad Masters finalist, has been named Photographer of the Year by the Federation of European Photographers and has received recognition from Communication Arts, PDN, Graphis and Luerzer’s Archive.


What do you think of Michael’s work? Join the conversation on our Facebook page and on Twitter @LuxArchive. Limited edition prints are available in our online shop starting at only a hundred bucks!

© Michael Hall

Julian Wolkenstein Redefines Equine

   Blog Category: New Art

Halloween is here (almost!) and in the spirit of dressing up it’s a perfect time to introduce Julian Wolkenstein – a photographer who’s become known for elevating costume into art.


No horsing around for Julian Wolkenstein; he takes humor very seriously. He and a small team spent several days turning his Pony Pin-Up concept into reality. First was casting, they had to find horses with the right look and make sure they were comfortable in the limelight. Apparently many horses aren’t! Then it took about five hours to dress each horse in human hair extensions. Julian says “…you just need buckets and buckets of hair extensions…The horse absolutely adored having been groomed and being played with.”


All of this effort was well worth it. The images, with their beautiful painterly look and deadpan expression, are completely charming. They’ve garnered much attention in the media too, including a feature on The Today Show and UK publications like The Guardian, Daily Mail, and The Independent.


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Pony Pin-Up series

The Nature of Nixenberg

   Blog Category: New Art

Today we introduce Nixenberg, the partnership of German artists Meike Nixdorf and Grit Hackenberg. Their landscape images are a delicate mixture of natural beauty and digital enhancement. Like a painting that is layered with mood and meaning these photographs enchant us with their quiet beauty and powerful spirit. The team writes:


“We like to capture the unspectacular, easily overlooked places and spaces. Some more vibrant, others almost dreamlike with a darker depth to them. We hope to create an experience for the viewer in which his or her own stories will blend into the reflection of the image.”
Meike has won many awards and exhibited throughout Europe and the Americas including an inclusion in “Moment of Recognition” a show curated by Amy Arbus at the International Center of Photography in New York. Grit has been retouching award winning images for art and commerce for fifteen years.
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Wolkenmeer © Nixenberg

H20 Sky © Nixenberg

James Knight-Smith’s Ocean View

   Blog Category: New Art

It’s Thursday and the weekend is fast approaching! So in the spirit of relaxation we’re introducing the work of photographer James Knight-Smith. James uses long exposures to create photographs of the ocean like we’ve never seen before. They stand on their own as beautiful abstractions but at the same time convey the absolute essence of sky and sea. James explains his work:


“I have always found the beauty of the ocean both inspiring and difficult to capture in one decisive moment. Living, breathing, constantly moving, the sea is dynamic and never the same.


To capture this eternal ebb and flow, I use movement and long exposure to record a number of moments that evoke and portray the scene as one single image. This creates an almost diaphanous layered effect.


With no primary focal point, the viewer is better able to feel and become one with the infiniteness of the ocean. This allows me to represent a solitary moment of the sea’s perpetuity.”


James has won numerous international photo competitions and awards and has exhibited his work throughout the US and Australia. His work hangs in homes around the world including the famous Glass Pavilion in California.


Like James’ work? You can own it. These images are available as limited edition, artist signed prints exclusively through Lux Archive starting at only $100!


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Breath © James Knight-Smith

Balance © James Knight-Smith

The Geoffrey H. Short Effect

   Blog Category: New Art

If you’re new to Lux Archive you’re not alone. We just launched four days ago…everyone is new here!


Thank you to those who have left us kind comments, emails, and tweets over the past few days. Please keep sending us your feedback, we love hearing from you. And speaking of hearing from you: this blog will regularly feature exclusive content about contemporary fine art photography. So if there’s a topic, trend, or artist you want discussed here then tell us!


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Untitled Explosion #LE-CN04-18, 2010 © Geoffrey H. Short

Now, onto the introduction of the first artist we’re featuring this week: Geoffrey H. Short.


Geoffrey H. Short has become widely known for doing something that would get many grown men to tremble with delight: blowing stuff up. He hires special effects technicians to create explosions so exotic they would make Bruce Willis jealous.


But it’s not all fun and games. Like many great artists Geoffrey uses spectacle to grab his audiences’ attention. The meaning of his work is layered and complex. Geoffrey writes:


“The series is an exploration of risk, terror, beauty and the sublime through the medium of controlled explosions. The inherent mystery and ultimate inevitability of death makes it a staple subject of contemplation in philosophy and in art. Risking death means both terror and excitement, and the eighteenth century philosophers Edmund Burke and Immanuel Kant suggested that whatever is terrifying is also sublime.


The photographs offer both illusion and allusion, and while they document actual, staged explosion events, they allude to every explosion from the original big bang of creation to the anxiously anticipated big bang of a terrorist bomb or nuclear disaster. The near absence of a recognizable physical context emphasizes this referential quality, allowing the viewer to imagine their own context, to supply their own narrative around these isolated climactic moments.”


Geoffrey has had dozens of gallery shows around the world and is in the permanent collections of fine institutions including the Aperture Foundation and the Musée de l’Elysée. In 2010 was Geoffrey was chosen to be featured in reGeneration² – Tomorrow’s Photographers Today, a widely publicized book and touring exhibition featuring what many industry heavyweights forecast to be the photographers that will shape the next generation of image-making.


Like Geoffrey’s work? You can own it. This image is available as a limited edition, artist signed print exclusively through Lux Archive. Visit our shop for more info.