Sky High with David Ryle

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Today we’re excited to welcome artist David Ryle to the Lux Archive roster. David is an award-winning London based photographer who’s created a beautiful series of aerial photographs titled Desert Studies. David, fascinated by the “idea of nothingness,” flew a small plane throughout the desolate Mojave Desert in search of scenery that fulfilled his vision. The result is wonderful minimalist images that elevate forgettable landscapes into works of art. David writes:


“With roads dissecting through near barren spaces, the stripped down colour palette aims to show the harshness of the place, but also attempts to reveal a beauty through shape and form.”


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Desert Studies © David Ryle

Mark Mawson’s Underwater World

   Blog Category: New Art

To start your weekend off on an artistic path we’re introducing you to the beautiful work of Lux Archive’s newest artist Mark Mawson. Reminiscent of the exotic creatures of our oceans’ depths, Mark creates imaginative images of colored inks blending with underwater landscapes. The result is ethereal abstract forms, each a unique vision, never to be repeated the same way again.


Mark has been working on his Aqueous series since 2005. The work is in many private collections around the globe and has won several awards and press. In 2009, he was a finalist in the Sovereign Asian Art Awards. In 2010, he was awarded a Gold and Platinum Award in the Dabomba Creative Awards and a Silver in the 2010 International Aperture Awards.


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© Mark Mawson

James Knight-Smith’s Ocean View

   Blog Category: New Art

It’s Thursday and the weekend is fast approaching! So in the spirit of relaxation we’re introducing the work of photographer James Knight-Smith. James uses long exposures to create photographs of the ocean like we’ve never seen before. They stand on their own as beautiful abstractions but at the same time convey the absolute essence of sky and sea. James explains his work:


“I have always found the beauty of the ocean both inspiring and difficult to capture in one decisive moment. Living, breathing, constantly moving, the sea is dynamic and never the same.


To capture this eternal ebb and flow, I use movement and long exposure to record a number of moments that evoke and portray the scene as one single image. This creates an almost diaphanous layered effect.


With no primary focal point, the viewer is better able to feel and become one with the infiniteness of the ocean. This allows me to represent a solitary moment of the sea’s perpetuity.”


James has won numerous international photo competitions and awards and has exhibited his work throughout the US and Australia. His work hangs in homes around the world including the famous Glass Pavilion in California.


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Breath © James Knight-Smith

Balance © James Knight-Smith