Kerry Mansfield’s Seashore Solace

   Blog Category: New Art

We all have our oasis from the hustle and bustle — our refuge from the outside world. Kerry Mansfield found hers high on the sea cliffs along the California coastline. For years Kerry returned to the same spot perched above the Pacific Ocean and relished in the surrounding solitude. In the process she began to capture intimate moments of others as they unwound in their own way. From this elevated vantage point, with skilled technique, Kerry melds individuals with their environment in an uncanny way. Human and natural elements combine to create singular expressions of tranquility.


Kerry writes: “We all seem drawn to a seashore, the crest of a tall hill, or even the sky, dangerously out of reach. When I find myself in these places, a sense of my own small place within the environment could easily elicit a sense of fear and unease, yet, inexplicably I find a peace not often found in the places over which I control.”


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